An easy trail that functions as a critical conduit to access the Creek Zone.









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Una Moss serves a critical function in the Whistler Bike Park trail system—it is the key connection from the top of the Garbanzo lift to the top of the Creekside Gondola.

While riders can take a different gondola higher up the mountainside to drop into the Creek Zone using some of the newest trails, like Miss Fire, it’s still quite useful to be able to navigate from the top of Garbanzo into the Creek Zone. Unfortunately, Una Moss isn’t the most interesting trail on the mountain.

Long stretches of the trail run straight down gravel access roads or ski slopes—a rarity in the famed Whistler Bike Park, which makes this trail stand out like a very sore thumb. Yet in between the sorry sections of gravel road, Una Moss offers a series of flowy, low berms that are accessible to just about any mountain biker.

Despite being labeled as a jump trail, the jumps are few and far between, and everything can be rolled.

In some spots riders will encounter rhythm sections, allowing you to pump the terrain and move quickly through the occasional flat spot. The lack of technicality or formidable jumps allows Una Moss to function as the major conduit that it is, moving mountain bikers back and forth across the mountainside.

While very few mountain bikers who’ve ridden Una Moss would recommend seeking it out on its own, Una Moss _will_ get you over to the sweet, sweet Creekside descents.