A demanding expert-level jump line in the Garbanzo Zone.


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**PARTIAL CLOSURE SUMMER 2022** Freight Train serves as the advanced-level jump line in the upper Garbanzo Zone.

While most of the jump trails are found primarily in Fitzsimmons, Freight Train offers an excellent option higher up the mountain. Compared to the iconic A-Line, on "Freight Train.


.the speed noticeably picks up as you try and clear the litany of step-ups, hips, drops, and gaps,” according to Ryan Dunfee of [Teton Gravity](https://www.tetongravity.com/story/bike/the-whistler-bike-parkthe-ultimate-guide).

Also, compared to the massive, forgiving tabletop jumps found on A-Line, the hits on Freight Train require much more precision.

The tables are narrower, some of the lips are steeper, and the size and speed required for the hits varies quite a bit. As a general rule, there is much (much) less margin for error on Freight Train than on trails like A-Line and Crank It Up. Adding to the difficulty of this trail is the occasional uber-gnarly rock section, especially lower down the mountain.

At a couple of points, where Freight Train intermingles with No Joke, the trail goes from big tabletop jumps to dusty, steep rock slab rolls… and then back again, a couple of times.

Riding Freight Train continuously from top-to-bottom creates a dissonant riding experience.

That dissonance requires a confident expert-level mountain biker to excel on this trail.

If you’re going to nail every jump and shred every line, you’re going to have to bring your A-Game.