A long, varied tech run with a few big features.


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The Duffman trail is located in an awkward area for lapping.

Dropping from near the top of the Creekside Gondola, at the lower end of the Garbanzo Zone, it descends deep into the Fitzsimmons Zone.

This means Duffman serves as a great technical descent to get back down to Whistler Village, but that it requires at least a two-lift combination to lap it.

Despite the unusual location on the mountain, Duffman is a surprisingly varied tech descent! Beginning with root webs and steep tech, Duffman drops into a few seriously eroded trenches filled with rolling rocks and chundery rock gardens that demand expert focus to keep the front wheel from digging into the steep washed out side of the trench.

Due to the wear, it looks like Duffman is an older tech line in the bike park that, due to its location, doesn’t see too much maintenance—which is fine with me! The old school fall line riding is an absolute hoot. Lower down, the trail pops onto a few steep wooden bridges for fast wood ripping through the forest.

A few optional drops are built into the bridges, but everything can be avoided if you so desire. Near a trail junction, a big rock roll option requires full commitment to plunge down the steep, rippled rock face...

or of course, stay low and avoid the feature altogether. Soon after, the trail mellows out, rolling through some tight undergrowth.

You may think Duffman is done and over with… and then out of nowhere, you’ll roll up onto a massive rock wall ride! What an epic way to finish an incredibly-interesting tech run in the Whistler Bike Park!