An excellent "intermediate" tech trail combination.


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Following Funshine Rolly Drops to Smoke and Mirrors to Blueseum to Afternoon Delight, and then finishing on Heart of Darkness, provides an excellent "intermediate" tech run down through the Whistler Bike Park.

If you're trying to amp up your tech skills in the park, this is a great run to lap over and over again, slowly dialing in the features as you go. I put the term "intermediate" in quotation marks because, in Whistler terms, this trail _is_ intermediate in difficulty… but in many other places in North America this run could get a double black diamond rating! This dramatic difference in trail difficulty is why it's of paramount importance to easy-style your day by starting small and slowly increasing the difficulty of trails you ride.

You'll even see signs placed under the lifts in the Whistler Bike Park to remind riders to do exactly this.

Funshine Rolly Drops is a fantastically fun trail, with rocky drops that roll smoothly.

In fact, it's probably best to roll these drops and not to air, as the landings aren't really designed for sending off the tops of these drops.

Instead, enjoy the fast rock rolls with good catch berms at the bottom, providing a relatively high-speed techy rip, versus other trails in the park and the valley that are more low-speed tech trails. Lower down, this run incorporates more root webs and built up wooden features.

One zone in particular offers several different ladder drops of various heights, which send to an uber-smooth landing zone.

Pick one and send it! Finally, delightful wooden bridges through the woods provide an entertaining bridge ride, but with little to no real difficulty.