World Cup bump run and site of 2002 winter Olympic Freestyle events.









Deer Valley hosted several events in the 2002 Winter Olympics.

One of which was the freestyle mogul competition.

Champion is a steep run of World Cup level bumps.

World Cup competitions, as well as junior bump contests are held here every year.

Consequently, the bump run is typically not open until after competitions.

When it is open, it offers expert level skiers the steepest most challenging moguls at Deer Valley.

The bumps are made specifically for competitions with even fast knee jarring timing.

Do not do Champion unless you are comfortable on steep icy fast moguls.

This run is serious.

To get there, take the upper pitch of Little Stick and go left at the black diamond marked Champion sign.

One can also go down the first pitch of Big Stick and go left on a narrow flat track above the bottom pitch of Big Stick.