Mountain-bike trip across the mountain


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The Lavkarittet Trail follows the route used for the annual Lavkarittet mountain biking race, which is the largest off-road biking event in Northern Norway.

It’s a rite of passage for many competitors who ride it year after year.

The route leads through wonderful scenery, including steep cliffs, a waterfall and a river down in the valley.

The route is also full of interesting war history, and parts of the trail were built by prisoners of war during World War II.

Most of the route is on a technically easy gravel road, while some parts are on a sealed road.

The final part of the route is on easy forest trails. The long distance and 1,200 m altitude difference will challenge your endurance.

Start the trip from Hatteng by following the road on the northern side of the river into the valley.

When the sealed road ends, the route continues up a steep serpentine gravel road.

You will reach the high point after 17 km.

This is followed for the next 2 km by some nice downhill sections.

The next 22 km is easy biking on a gravel road through the Lavkadalen valley down to the Skibotndalen valley.

This is followed by a 6 km section of sealed road.

After passing Lulle, the trail follows a nice forest trail for 4 km.

The next 13 km section includes easy trails and a gravel road.

From the Fossemelen, it’s 5 km to the finish line in Skibotn.