A new tech line in the Whistler Bike Park that is remarkably flowy.









FATMAP difficulty grade



7 Year War is a newer tech line accessible from a junction of Una Moss, Freight Train, and No Joke.

The map shown here combines two different sections into one run: “7 Year War” and “7 Year More.” Since this trail has been built more recently than most of the tech trails in the bike park, you’ll find some excellent bermed corners and slightly bigger features on this trail than on other tech trails in the area.

These berms simply let you hold a little more speed, funneling into the drops and rock rolls at slightly higher rates of speed—which is always a blast! Some sections of the trail even spend a lot of time contouring along a bench cut—a rarity for Whistler.

But even the so-called bench cut sections are still quite steep! Some of the maps even disagree about what the upper section of 7 Year War should be rated.

While the bike park signs show it as a black diamond, some websites show it as an intermediate trail.

Indeed, the first section is more on par with other intermediate lines in the bike park, with some sections that are quite flowy and non-technical, especially where the trail crosses a ski run. The grade on the lower section, 7 Year More, is considerably steeper, with several big root drops and fall line sections. Undoubtedly, as this new tech trail continues to wear in it and the loose dirt gets blown out, it will only get gnarlier and gnarlier over time, and will eventually live up to its black diamond rating.

Such is the way of things with steep trails in bike parks!