Classic 7th Heaven mogul run









Angel Dust is quite similar in nature to Sunburn.

As a mogul run located on the lower half of the 7th Heaven zone, this area receives a healthy amount of sunshine when the weather is great.

This means that this classic stretch of moguls will likely be quite icy in the morning and will soften up perfectly by mid-day.

If it hasn't snowed recently, the moguls here can grow to a decent size, adding to the fun.

The views are hard to beat wherever you are in the 7th Heaven area, and this run is no different! In the spring, this is a classic and enjoyable choice to take advantage of the soft and forgiving conditions and rip up some moguls with less intimidating consequences.

While this run is not overly steep, when the conditions line up this can be one of the most enjoyable mogul runs you can find to refine your bump skills or challenge yourself to put them to the test.