Dropping away from Climax, Seldom Seen is a challenging double blue run, dropping steeply back to the King Con Express









Steep, fantastic snow, and the odd set of moguls are the names of the games for this run, expect to be challenged, with a fairly steep ascent into Hot Spot before King Con.

When groomed, as with the other runs in this area, the long, wide piste provides the perfect playful canvas for you're impressionistic esses, upon the commonly crisp, well kept snow.

Due to the shelter of this area, you will find pockets of fresh snow a couple of days after a storm if it hasn't been too busy, particularly amongst the trees on the edges of this run.

Tip is: if you see a line through the trees.

Take it.

Although commonly groomed, as with Climax, you can find moguls on this run on occasions, so if you aren't comfortable with moguls yet, take Eureka or Liberty down to the lift, and then scope Seldom seen on the way up.