No respite, no recovery. The road up onto the Kitzbühel Horn mountain is steep; incredibly steep. No other route in Tirol is revered more by road bike enthusiasts. It traditionally features as the main highlight of the queen's stage of the Tour of Austria and demands not only excellent fitness but a healthy portion of determination. The reward at the top is a fantastic view of the surroundings and a big bowl of pasta at the mountain restaurant!









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The ascent to the Kitzbühel Horn can be accessed by cycling from Kitzbühel in the direction of St.


Just after leaving Kitzbühel, turn right and ride through the railway underpass.

From here on, cyclists will be stretched to their physical limits.

This 8 kilometre section up to the Alpenhaus has a continuous uphill gradient of 10 to 22 percent.

The altitude difference between Kitzbühel (780 metres) and the Alpenhaus (1,670 metres) is covered in only 10 kilometres.

The final six kilometres of the route are well signposted for cyclists.

The kilometre countdown to the top is well marked, as are the steeper sections – where you are sure to work up a good sweat. Tip! Mountain bikers can also tackle this mountain ascent as well as the additional 320 altitude metres until the very summit.

The narrow trail to the peak, however, is not recommended for road bikes. Source: