The Ötztal Glacier Road is around 13.5 kilometres long and has an average gradient of 10.5%. It leads to the highest point in Austria accessible by road bike, at 2,830 metres above sea level. Built in 1972, the road is a challenge for even the fittest of riders and leads from the village of Sölden through the spectacular Rettenbachtal Valley up to the glacier ski resorts at the end of the Ötztal Valley. After 14.5 kilometres and after passing through the Rosi-Mittermeier-Tunnel, the highest tunnel in the Alps, riders reach the Rettenbachferner and Tiefenbachferner glaciers.









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The climb to the famous summer ski resort of Sölden demands either extremely strong calf muscles or a third chain ring! Turn right just after Sölden and you will almost immediately be confronted with a continuous uphill gradient of 13 per cent.

Only after around five kilometres, just before the toll booth, can you enjoy a little respite, before having to contend with the final 800 metres in altitude – and a predominantly 13% gradient yet again.

A large signpost is placed at every turn which informs cyclists on exactly how far they have to go.

Increasingly thin air means that the final few kilometres up to 2,829 metres above sea level is a challenge that takes you right out of your comfort zone. Tip! At the top station of the lifts you have the opportunity to stop for refreshments and celebrate your mountain victory. The downhill run presents no major difficulties.

Most sections are clearly visible, allowing you to get back down to Sölden in almost no time at all. Source: