Enjoy the captivating sights and sounds of nature when cycling on the 52-kilometer long Lech Cycle Path, along Europe's last untamed river. The beautiful route winds from Reutte to Steeg, where Kaiserbach Brook empties into Lech River. This awesome 4-day tour allows you to appreciate the stunning natural scenery, not forgetting some good food and friendly accommodations en route. With about four hours of riding, the Lech Cycle Path makes for delightful and easy day rides. Lech River is one of the Alps’ last untamed rivers with sceneries that are sometimes pristine and natural, then wild and yet again gentle; and filled with legendary stories waiting to be discovered. You’ll cycle past vast shingle banks, across some of Europe’s most beautiful riverside woods, and along lush and verdant meadows.









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Day 1: Reutte – Vorderhornbach Distance: 24 Kilometers | Total Riding Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes The first section of the Lech Path takes you from Reutte/Lechaschau via Höfen and Weißenbach to Vorderhornbach.

A short ride follows the Federal Road before emerging onto a specially designated riverside cycle path that follows the Lech River through sunny and enchanting pinewood.

On your way you’ll pass many areas of awesome natural beauty: Weißenbachsee Lake, a gorgeous spruce forest with amazing views of the jagged peaks of Hornbach Mountain Range, the suspension bridge and the rushing waterfall at Forchach, and the wide open pastures of Errachau with tamarisk bushes, limestone fens and rough pastures. Day 2: Vorderhornbach – Häselgehr Distance: 10 Kilometers | Total Riding Time: 45 Minutes The second day ride is easier and shorter, with numerous trailside inns and restaurants in Martinau, Klimm and Häselgehr.

It winds along the foot of mighty Klimmspitze Peak where you will pass a game feeding area.

Following the Lech River upstream, the river tapers off more and more and you can capture stunning views of the surrounding mountain scenery.

On your way, you’ll pass by Pfeilspitze Peak with its soaring tussock slopes, the rugged cliffs of Rotwand Face, Lichtspitze Summit and the Dolomite Pinnacles of Hornbach Range, Bschlabs Valley and Hahntennjoch high mountain pass road.

The destination end of this day ride is the village of Häselgehr, where Emperor Maximilian used to hunt stags in the early 16th century. Day 3: Häselgehr – Bach Distance: 12 Kilometers | Total Riding Time: 45 Minutes The third day route is rated easy and takes you through Elbigenalp, the main village of Lechtal Valley.

It has become famous for its wood carving school and is home to the legendary “Geierwally”, an important figure in Tirolese vernacular literature and play.

Theater performances are staged here each summer on the spectacular outdoor stage in Bernhard Gorge.

Elbigenalp is as well the former holiday retreat of Queen Mother Maria of Bavaria.

Its delightful outdoor swimming pool is the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

If you’d rather want to refresh your feet only, head to the Kneipp ablution facilities in Grünau, located next to a romantic timber lodge. Day 3: Bach – Steeg Distance: 10 Kilometers | Total Riding Time: 45 Minutes The last day is an easy ride again and takes you to the picturesque village of Holzgau, deemed as the 'Pearl of Lechtal Valley'.

This lovely place is the home of former Austrian skier Peppi Strobl and is famous for the distinctive art of wall-painting that adorns many of its homes.

A short detour to nearby Höhenbach Canyon with famous Simms Waterfall is strongly recommended.

The route passes the end of pristine Sulzltal Valley and crosses the wild Lech River on bridges various times.

In Dickenau, Kaiserbach Brook empties into Lech River.

Eventually, you will reach the destination end of the Lech Cycle Path, the village of Steeg. Source: https://www.tyrol.com/things-to-do/sports/cycling/biketours/a-lech-cycle-path