Easy black run, typically not open until later in the season









White Owl is known as one of the easiest, if not the easiest black run at Deer Valley.

It is accessible from the right side of Success.

White Owl is rarely groomed, and often has moguls, but the low angle means the bumps tend smaller than something steeper such as Lucky Bill or Know You Don't.

Skiers who find the terrain not to their liking can ski out to the right to Solid Muldoon, which is groomed every day.

Toward the bottom, White Owl gets steeper before the main way out to Solid Muldoon.

If Open, and if you want to try something steep, you can ski through the gate, over and down the landing zone for the World Cup aerial jumps.

This is a short, but very steep pitch which is often very firm.

White Owl is closed for much of the beginning of the season as World Cup aerials are held here.

The menacing jumps are roped off or removed, typically in February.