Central descent on Reiteralm for slightly advanced skiers









Cross under the chairlift to your right to access the central descent on Reiteralm.

Reiteralm is a steep mountain higher up, that's why the slope is curvy and makes a rapid turn to the right after a rather flat start.

The easiest and least steep line follows along the security nets to the left, whereas good skiers tend to take this turn on the inner side with one big, skiercross-like turn.

There are variable steepnesses and some rollers where it's possible to get some airtime, but always watch out for little kids, who might be sitting in blind spot right after the roller.

In the middle part the slope merges fora short section with Reiteralm Abfahrt(2) and passes by the huge Hochalm Skihut on the left.

If you are aiming for some long carving turns, you'll find perfect conditions right after Hochalm: a wide slope and medium steepness.

During the last few hundred meters of Gasselhöhe Piste, there are two options, the left one is less steep.

If you want to continue towards the valley via Gleiming Talabfahrt or want to do a run in the local terrain park (X-Point) take some speed along, but watch out for skiers crossing in from the left.

Otherwise just break, you will find the bottom station of Gasslhöhenbahn 2 to your right.