Long classic winding green run from the top of Flagstaff Mountain to the bottom of Quincey Express









Ontario is named for one of the larger and more profitable mines in the area.

It is one of the most popular trails at Deer Valley.

It is a logical next step for beginner skiers comfortable with Wide West.

It is a long winding trail that starts at the top of Quincy Express.

Follow the narrow track left off the top of the Quincy Express.

After turning left over a bridge the trail widens in the Ontario Meadow.

Here, Hidden Treasure, a moderate to difficult blue run splits to the left.

Stay right for Ontario.

As the run starts to steepen slightly, Trump splits to the right, a narrow, windy, short green run.

At the split, Ontario descends it's steepest pitch, still green.

The run flattens and widens as it nears the point where Trump rejoins from the right.

The trail turns left and continues to a junction with Homeward Bound.

Staying left, Ontario continues down a long gentle ravine to the bottom of Quincy Express.

Due to the amount of small jumps and features on the sides of Ontario, the run is very popular, especially with kids.

It is a high traffic area, Ski School zone, and slow skiing zone.

Be mindful of slower skiers.

Intermediate and more advanced skiers should consider skiing elsewhere.

Though Ontario is known as the easiest way to get from the top of Flagstaff Mountain to Silver Lake Lodge, there are other ways: Hidden Treasure, a blue, or any of the numerous runs that end on Banner.