Quick and close to town but challenges your fitness.


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



You start off the road which sometimes it is hard to locate the trail.

You will switch back up a steep section which seems to be the theme of this mountain.

You hit steep sections then it flattens out to offer a break.

You will need to pay attention and select the route best for you.

There are a few options but you want to make sure you stay on the shoulder of the mountain and not get sucked into the the trails that lead to the face of the mountain. You will reach a large open alpine meadow where you can relax and most people stop here.

There are massive cliffs with a sheer drop off that over looks the town of Canmore and offers a great view of Ha Ling. If you continue on past here there are two routes you can take.

One is on the shoulder which is more technical and one that is the traditional route.

If you are heading up to the peak I would recommend wearing a helmet as there is a shelf that will drop rocks directly onto if there is someone above you. The top part has some scree mixed on top of rock slab making it a bit uneasy at times.

Once you make it to the top you can explore the ridge for a ways.