Vast forest of evergreen and aspen trees









There is no one way to go through Sunset Glade.

The run starts below the Sunset run and is bordered on the left by Homeward Bound, and on the right by Birdseye.

The longest fall line and thinner woods can be found toward Homeward Bound, left.

Going right can reveal untracked patches of snow, but also thick groves making for a challenging adventure.

Go with a partner.

Skiers should be comfortable in dense trees, expert terrain, and deep snow.

Navigation is tricky, but as long as you keep heading down, you will eventually empty out onto Homeward Bound, a slow skiing and ski school zone.

Watch your speed.

The pitch from Homeward Bound to Ontario below can reward the intrepid skier with fresh turns, but is short.

Again, left has wider spacing, and right is more dense.

And again, watch your speed as you drop onto Ontario.

Ontario is a VERY popular easy to moderate green run.