Expert level bowl off Empire Express









Staying right on Orion and hugging the ski area boundary rope will lead skiers to the traverse to Daily Bowl and Chutes.

This is all expert level double black diamond terrain.

The Daily Bowl is the first wide open entrance to the steep terrain.

After emerging from the trees, you will see a round knoll ahead.

Ski directly toward it.

Skiers with less regard for life and limb than the average person have jumped off the cornice, but due to easy access and more traffic, the top of the bowl is often skied off with several traverse lines leading through it.

Go left of the knoll and follow one of these traverse lines in.

The terrain is wide and steep at first.

It becomes lower angle and narrower before going through a steep choke point near the bottom.

Ski carefully here avoiding exposed rock before dropping onto the lower, easier part of Orion.