Leading off Blanche, this steeper, more difficult option leads into Payday









Finding Blanche a bit mellow? Take a right down Heckler under the lift line before joining with the Payday run towards the bottom, this will present a challenge for skiers or boarders looking to take a step up from beginner terrain at the end of their green double of Drift and Blanche.

This is a great challenger for early intermediates getting used to more difficult terrain, and is a great run to build confidence on, as it is often a lot less crowded than surrounding runs.

Getting steeper about midway down, this run is commonly groomed, and provides a predictable surface for early skiers and boarders to practise their skills on steeper terrain.

Take care later in the season, as this run can be icy in areas, but the well groomed surface is often enough to counteract the presence of ice, for an enjoyable ski down to the base area.