Cat track that winds down the middle of the bowl.









Taking the Boomerang Chair up to the top of the ridge dividing the the Lizard and Cedar Bowls, you'll exit on the right side of the chair.

The top of the run will start from this ridge dropping into the Cedar Bowl.

You may also access the run from the Great Bear Express Quad by skiing down the top section of Tower 6 Trail (90) to the top of the Boomerang Chair.

Drop into the Cedar Bowl via a narrow yet steep cat track.

Once in the bowl the run's pitch mellows out as it winds down the right side of the middle of the Cedar Bowl.

The lower half of the bowl becomes particularly steep and the run traverses over to the left side of the bowl to avoid the steep K.C.

Chutes (87) below it.

If you want to avoid taking the Haul Back T-Bar out of the Cedar Bowl stay on the cat track as it merges with Cruiser (78) and crosses Emily's Run (74) before exiting the Cedar Bowl back into the Lizard Bowl on North Ridge (70) right above the Haul Back T-Bar.

Remember to yield to skiers on Emily's Run (74) when traversing across the run.