A light hearted name, for a heavy slugging piste, for expert skiers and boarders









Charlie Brown, similar to the Red Pine Chutes, it can also be accessed by a short walk heading up to the peak of 9990, before shooting down the other side of the knoll, or you can simply take the traverse to the chutes, which are steep, and totally ungroomed so don't expect a fantastic surface when there hasn't been much snow for a while.

If you head up to the peak, keep right through another chute which is fairly obvious, but honestly just take whichever line you think best, and enjoy the area.

This terrain isn't insanely steep with a huge amount of cliffs like at Snowbird or Alta, but don't be fooled, this terrain still presents a fair challenge and there are a few drops which can catch you off guard, take care out there.

This run is so much fun when the snow falls, and when it hasn't, it presents a really enjoyable challenge.