Wide open trail descending down the majestic Cedar Bowl









Wide open run that descends along the right side of the mellow cat track Alpine Way (106) down the top of the Cedar Bowl.

Enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the town of Fernie combined with the Elk Valley behind it to creating one of the best views on the resort.

Take the Great Bear Express Quad or the Boomerang Triple Chair up to the top of the north ridge dividing the Lizard and Cedar Bowls from each other.

Drop into the Cedar Bowl via Cedar High Traverse (106A) or Alpine Way (106) and traverse over to the north side of the bowl.

Trillium (80) begins after you pass the second group of trees along the traverse across the top of the Cedar Bowl.

This run is occasionally groomed but for the most part is left as a soft snow run before merging back into Alpine Way (106).