Bumpy trail descending down the north side of the majestic Cedar Bowl









The final intermediate run along the top of the Cedar Bowl, Blueberry (81) descends down the same path as Alpine Way (106) instead opting for a direct route down the bowl instead of winding down a mellow cat track.

Take the Great Bear Express Quad or the Boomerang Triple Chair up to the top of the north ridge dividing the Lizard and Cedar Bowls from each other.

Drop into the Cedar Bowl via Cedar High Traverse (106A) or Alpine Way (106) and traverse over to the north side of the bowl.

As Alpine Way (106) stops traversing along the top of the bowl and begins descending then this is where the top of Blueberry (81) starts.

The top of the run is a little bumpy with some large boulders shaping the initial terrain but the run will quickly drop into a mellow pitch that is more forgiving.

Keep up your speed or instead stay on Alpine Way (106) if the snow is deep as this run may not be steep enough for you to keep up your speed.

Enjoy the amazing view you will have of the town of Fernie as you ski down this run as it is directly above the scenic mountain town.