A crucial link between two high huts, with some long high glacial sections and fabulous mountain scenery


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a memorable day with multiple ascents and descents.

In anything other than perfect weather it can be a significant navigational challenge, and is exposed to any bad weather, with long traverses at altitude.

You pass through some wild and stunning mountain terrain and also cover quite a bit of horizontal distance.

There is some steep ground, but mainly in ascent.

All in all, it's a big day and requires good conditions and should be shown a healthy dose of respect. From the hut start off very gently on skins, aiming for the Col des Pariotes at 3034m.

From here it is a mellow descent down to about 2600m, where you cross a snow-covered streambed.

This is the approximate source of the river Arc, which has carved out the huge valley that flows down below you, where you began your journey.

The next climb, up to the Col de Trièves at 3070m, is unavoidably quite steep and it will often be necessary to crampon, with the terrain getting close to 40 degrees.

From here you are on high glacial terrain, across to the Col de Mont Méan, your high point for the day at 3214m.

This is a very scenic spot with some pretty rock formations.

From here you cross the Glacier du Grand Méan, which may involve short uphill sections to avoid crevasses.

Then you have the option of an additional climb to the Col de la Disgrâce at 3232m, on the Italian border, but most will be happy with the lovely decent to the Evettes Hut at 2590m.

This is W facing, so you may find it in spring snow, relatively easy, with a final flat section before the hut.