Two steep narrow chutes that shoot you into the bottom of the Cedar Bowl









In the direct center of the Cedar Bowl the K.C.

Chutes are two narrow gullies that are below the mellower upper section of the central Cedar Bowl.

The two gullies are short yet very steep and require a good level of confidence in tight spaces to ski.

To access take the Great Bear or Boomerang Chairs up to the top of the Cedar Bowl and drop in via Cedar High Traverse (106A) or Alpine Way (106).

The run is directly below Trillium (80) or Blueberry (81) depending on which chute you choose but it is also accessible for those riding Cedar Glades (79A), Cedar Centre (79), Snake Main (82) or Snake Glades (82A).

The right chute is slightly longer and a bit wider yet is steeper as well.

The left chute is extremely tight at its entrance yet it opens up quickly, it also tends to see more traffic and can be icy depending on the snow conditions.

Remember to keep your speed on these runs as you will need it to reach the Haul Back T-Bar, the only lift out of the bowl.