Likke Schloss is an incredible couloir with 500m descent in a high mountain environment. Extreme skiers only.


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The Likke Schloss is a great couloir running along the east face of the Punta Vittoria.

You can ski here only if there is firm snow and you have a great knowledge of the mountains.

Access is slightly easier from the north face, but the route remains extremely demanding. From the arrival of the cable car (Funifor Indren) traverse to the right heading east for five minutes to reach the arrival of the old Punta Indren cable car station.

Go up behind it to reach the Bors side.

Start to climb uphill and traverse the Bors glacier.

The access to the couloir is not obvious (it takes approximately 30 minutes from the old cable car station, Punta Indren, to reach it).

From the top of Punta Vittoria the ridge descends down and after approximately 200m you will reach the entrance of the couloir.

Please note that a 40m rope is required if you are not certain of the snow conditions and that there is a high risk of avalanche here in the wrong conditions.

The first section of the couloir is steep (45° to 50°) and narrow.

After the first 200m it becomes wider but remains just as steep.

The ending of the couloir is on the upper slopes of La Malfatta.

From there follow the itinerary for the Malfatta until you reach the bottom of the valley.