Chalenging yet rewarding descent for adventurous experts.









The Gorbie Bowl is full of surprises, some great and others that keep you on your toes! Take the Great Bear Express Quad up to the top of the Timber Bowl.

Exit on the left side of the chair and drop into the Cedar Bowl via the Cedar High Traverse (106A).

Keep your speed while dropping into the run as you will need to traverse to the other side of the Cedar Bowl.

Make it as far as you can and then hike up the defined cat track that takes you up to the Snake Ridge area.

Continue up the cat track until your at the high point of the ridge and can return to skiing, past the entry of Snakes Main (82) and then take your next left into the top of the Gorbie Bowl (83).

The run is definitely an expert run and do not be fooled by the entry of the run, which does not seem like a true double black diamond run.

It progressively gets steeper and half way down there is an almost cliff like tree line that must be negotiated.

The lower section is generally wide open and mellows as you descend to the bottom of the run.

This area can be a great opportunity to pick up speed to make it across the Cedar Bowl to the Haul Back T-Bar.