A wide open South facing bowl with some cliffs


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The South Face of Bridger Peak is a rarely skied gem of the Bridger Mountains.

It is a long hike from any access point and almost never has tracks.

Being south facing, this bowl gets plenty of sun, and can corn up even in mid winter.

There are a few cliffs to navigate past as you are making your way down, but the ways around are obvious.

This area isn't very steep, averaging around the mid 30 degrees.

This line runs for about 1700 feet down to the flats below.

The upper half is wide open, then hits a gully about 1000 feet down.

The gully is fairly wide and doesn't have any obstructions.

Skiing this line is a proud accomplishment for the skier who wants to put in the extra effort for great rewards.

Access Bridger Peak from the Southern boundary of Bridger Bowl.

Head south, staying on the ridge past Saddle Peak and the Pinnacles.

Continue to the top of Bridger Peak, giving the very large cornices a wide berth.

To get back to Bridger Bowl, skirt the edge of the Bridger Peak slide paths and connect with the South Bridger return track.