A long but rewarding glacier tour in the vicinity of Lossi Hut


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A long, but scenic and rewarding route to one of the larger glaciers around Lossihytta (Lossi hut).

This route is particularly attractive for late-season and summer skiing, as it holds snow until very late in the year.

I consider it the best summer ski route around Narvik.

All images for this route were taken on 8 July 2019.

Huinnarčohkka (1788 m) itself is one of the highest and most impressive peaks in the area.

Travel along the shore of Lossivatnet (lake) and on through the Rienatvaggi valley, passing the SE side of Huinnarcohkka.

The valley is often covered by snow until well into July.

Once around the corner, the angle steepens and leads to a steep section and traverse above a rock band.

Stay high here.

Good snow stability is essential to travel safely here.

In spring and summer rock fall should be considered here also, so travel through this passage swiftly.

You soon enter the glacier.

Gentle glacial terrain takes you to the end point of the glacier, below Huinnarčohkka`s summit.

There are crevasses on this route - so take a glacier kit and consider roping up.

When you get to the end of the glacier, watch the drop on the other side! Ski the same way down, with options to ski the steeper slopes just below the glacier further skier`s left - but be mindful of the rock band lower down.

Make sure to cut hard right early enough, and then continue fall line.

Its is a good idea to look at your descent line while ascending.

Alternatively, you can ski down the SE arm of the glacier - see https://fatmap.com/routeid/190653/huinnarcohkka-(1788-m)-glacier-se-route.

A side note: Steep rock walls, formed by glacier retreat, are preventing easy access to the summit.

Along the ridge are two notches where a skilled team with 60-70m ropes and protection (nuts, cams) could gain the SE ridge, which leads to the summit.