The steep way down









FATMAP difficulty grade



Road side rock is an alternative for rad bikers. Pedal up to 500 m from the lower parking area.

The trail starts on the right-hand side of the road after a steep curve.

It starts by following the narrow trail left down to a small creek, which you can ride over.

The trail continues down to the road.

Follow the ridge down and get to the road.

Follow the road 200 m until the next curve and then get back on the trail.

After 200 m you will cross the road again before the trail continues.

The next sections are a bit harsher and some are quite steep.

Parts of the trail down to the road are steep and it’s hard to stop, so it’s important to check that no vehicles are coming before you set off.

After crossing the bridge over the steep canyon, take the trail on your left.

It starts with smooth rolling but turns into very difficult steep riding with some tricky hairpin turns.

Can you handle it? The steep section is followed by some relaxing rolling that takes you back to the road.