A straightforward ski in some remote and captivating scenery.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This descent does not present great deal of difficulty but you should be careful after a big snowfall due to exposure to avalanche danger on some steep slopes below the dam.

This route is not suitable for snowboarders due to a long flat part near the Netscho village. From the middle station Gabiet take the Gabiet chairlift to Lago.

At the top, ski down to the lake and traverse across the middle of it (if the conditions allow) or stay on the left side until you reach the dam guardian's house.

There is a small pass on the left side of the house that signals the start of the descent.

Once through the pass, a narrow valley leads to slopes below the dam.

Follow the summer path, navigating through the rocks (can be a bit tricky) and traverse left to a long slope ending in a flat section near the Netscho village.

Cross the river on the bridge and follow the summer path in the forest, bending left until the last wide open slope above the Gressoney village.

Ski down and once you reach the road turn left to reach the Punta Jolanda chairlift.