Relatively open turns into a micro bowl with a tight dogleg chute out the bottom









FATMAP difficulty grade



Heavenly Blue sees moderate traffic and gets sluffed out from control regularly.

It can be an incredible run if you could get it in great conditions, but that rarely happens.

Heavenly is pretty protected from the sun, so you can find cold chalky snow here even if it is all sluffed out and skied up.

It is a great alternative to Hidden and the Virtues for an expert skier or rider.

Go North from the Bridger hike to the top, ski just right, or East of Hidden Gully.

It starts out as a wide ramp or shoulder with the Virtues on your left.

Follow this down and hang a gentle right, where you'll find a micro bowl.

This will then funnel down to the crux.

It will usually have a medium sized block rock at the start of a 4ft wide ramp that heads left for 25ft.

The ramp then does a 90° to the right, before opening up into a small powderfield about 50ft above the Skier's Traverse.

Be careful coming out, if you hit the traverse with speed it will be incredibly difficult to shrug speed later.