Classic off piste with smaller and bigger cliffs









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a classic off piste of Sölden.

No hike is required and it´s very good visible from the chair.

The difficulty of the line depends on the amount of snow - at the beginning of December or end of April there are more cliffs.

The best time for riding this line is January (after some bigger snowfall and if the snow is settled).

Also the chance for hitting hidden rocks is lower in the middle of the season. The size of cliffs ranges from quite small to very big; it depends on conditions and some drops are possible.

It´s up to you to choose your line and decide how dangerous and difficult it will be.

It´s also a nice line to check out the snow conditions in general.

After one run you can decide if it´s worth to hike up to the Roßkirpl later for a longer and less crowded line.

The snow conditions are similar to the ones from top of Roßkirpel.

It gets tracked quite quickly because it is a fun run.

That said, it's always worth checking for yourself if it is safe. Get out of the chair on the left side.

If you look down, keep going on the right side.

Depends on your line, but for orientation, there will be a small weather station in the middle of the mountain slope.

If the circumstances are good, pass on the right side.

Search your line on while going up by chair with the Roßkirpl chair.

Depending on the amount of snow, the variation for the line is bigger.

If there´s a good winter, you will barely see smaller rocks, just bigger ones.

Beginning of the season, there are quite a lot, but not too much.

So you don´t need a rope to get down.

The line ends in the middle of the fun slope or at the start of the “BMW speed challenge”