Steep off-piste for experienced skiers with the option for cliff drops


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This line starts on top of the mountain Rotkogel.

It's a steep line with a series of cliffs in the face.

For more advanced riders who are looking for a rush of adrenalin it's perfect.

To reach this line a hike is required.

The hike is possible from the Roßkirpl chair or from Silberbrünnel.

If you start the hike from the Roßkirpl chair, it's not that steep but the distance is longer than the hike from Silberbrünnel top station.

Skins are not required for either but if you have them, you will be faster - hiking up from Silberbrünnl over the ridge can be exhausting as there are many wind lips with a lot of snow.

Because of the hike and the avalanche danger, this line is barely ridden by anyone.

Most people instead hike up via Roßkirpl and then going down from there because the line is longer and not as steep.

If you choose the hike via Roßkirpl, you'll need to follow the ridge from Roßkirpl to Rotkogel to get there. On top of Rotkogel you can see a “gas-ex” (a large pipe used by ski patrol to trigger avalanches) in the middle of the face, based on a cliff.

It's possible to pass on the right or the left as long as you stay on the side.

Only pass next to the “gas-ex” if you want to jump the cliff; there's reason for it being right in the middle of the steep mountain slope. After passing the “gas-ex” the steep parts of the line start.

Take care of rocks and have fun.

Further down the steep part ends in a bowl, followed by a flatter (compared with the beginning) end section.

Not sure about taking the left or right line? The ridge on the right side covers some parts of the line from direct sunlight. The line ends on slope number 13. Side fact: In spring 2015 Sölden and Qparks built a huge kicker called “the wedge” in the flatter part of the line.

They took the large amount of snow they needed for this project out of the big bowl under the Rotkogel.

3 Avalanches during the season helped them to get the snow together for a 9 metre high kicker.