High-quality snow and large lines in the close proximity of Gudauri resort with an easy access from the cable ways.


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A wide variety of diverse complexity routes both for beginner freeriders and for adherents of steep slopes and couloirs.

Gradient – from 25º in the wide snowy fields, up to 40º in the narrow rocky couloirs. Starting point When cable ways are working, the route starting point is from the Kobi pass (2950 m.) – upper stations of the gondola lines on both sides – from the side of Gudauri resort and Kazbegi region (Kobi village).

If cable ways are not working, the start is from the upper station of "Gudaura" ski lift.

Ascent "If the route starts from the Kobi pass, you have to descend by traverse to the foot of the Bidara ridge, trying not to lose height, then in 20-30 minutes ascend by ski-tour to the Bidara ridge, which is the western border of Gudauri resort.

Without having ski-tour equipment, you can ascend from the pass to the peak of Bidara Mt.

3174 m.

along the ridge.

Ski-tour to the ridge to the start of descent from the upper station of "Gudaura" ski lift takes 60 minutes.

" Descent "You can start the descent from the central part of the ridge. Useful info Due to the route’s popularity and proximity to the resort, it becomes harder with each year to choose a descent line with pristine snow, the last to be chosen are steep and hard-to-reach slopes and north-western couloirs with access from the southern ridge of Bidara. Before descending to the back from the resort side of Bidara mountain, visually make sure that the car traffic through the Cross Pass and Georgian Military Road is opened, otherwise you’ll have to return to Gudauri by foot Returning to the resort by car after descending, without reaching a few minutes to Gudauri, you can make a stop near the Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument — a Soviet-era monument in honor of 200-years friendship of Georgians and Russians, with incredible views on the half-kilometer abyss.