Big mountain off-piste on the infamous Gaislachkogl. Because of the danger in the beginning of the line this is reserved for experienced riders.









FATMAP difficulty grade



The beginning of the line is nearly on top of Gaislachkogl.

This entry is the same as the entry for the off-piste of the left side of the avalanche barrier or the “Gaislachkogl off-piste variation”.

First go on top of Gaislachkogl.

As with many other lines, you need to follow slope number 1 before starting.

Look for the obvious left curve with the Gaislachkogl on the left side.

Instead of taking the curve you need to go straight ahead. On the right side there will be wooden fences.

On the outside of the left curve, there will be yellow sign to inform you about the big mountain danger in this area, and that you are leaving the safe slopes.

Behind this sign is the massive rocky ridge.

This is the ridge you'll need to follow for this line and others in that area.

It's best to check it out from the top before leaving the slopes because then you can see if it's possible to build some speed to make it up the ridge. Depending on snow conditions, you can ride or may need to hike a little along the ridge.

Don't slip or fall down on the right side as there are some huge cliffs here which you can check out from the gondola.

After reaching something that appears to be a smaller peak, you are at the start point. This is the entry for the “Gaislachkogl off-piste variation”, but to enjoy the snow on the right of the avalanche barriers you'll need to follow the ridge right in front of you just a little bit further.

The area on the ridge is totally exposed to the wind and there's never usually a lot of snow there.

Stay on the right side of the ridge and find your way through the rocks.

Take care of sharks if there is not a lot of snow. Follow the ridge on your left side, after a couple of metres it will make a little turn to the right side.

Right behind this turn the first avalanche barriers will begin.

Shortly after the ridges turn to the right it is possible to sneak through the avalanche barriers and from there you will end up right in the middle of the face.

If you don't want to do that, look for a tower with a small red balloon on top- this is the far right side of the line and the area with the last of the avalanche barriers.

From there you can see everything and at this point, the fun starts- choose your line.

From here you have some hundred metres of mellow off-piste in front of you and there is no chance of getting lost.

The blue piste is visible and you will end up there, after finishing your line.