O-Zone is a steep open bowl dotted with trees with incredible views and skiing









If you want to get to O-Zone, a short hike up Pinyon Ridge is the way to go, you will pass P-Zone which will be the first opening in the pines after Sundog and a string of pines, then it will be cut by another tussle of pines before opening up into a wide open bowl, this will be signified by a few cliffs further up the hill, which is part of the East Face.

O-Zone rides alongside these faces, and take a peak up the hill and scope the landings for the cliff drops, just in case you are willing to hit them for the next run, but similar to P-Zone, O-Zone flows down the mountain, which on a powder day is absolutely spectacular, and you have the option of shifting right before the main gully line (fairly obvious as the trees break there) or further down and hitting the bottom of Sampson.