Double black diamond tree skiing area, best accessed from the top of Georgeanna









Molly's is similar to the Black Forest, however depending on your entry point, can be steeper, yet the trees are slightly more spaced out.

The preferred entry point into Molly's is when the main run begins to turn away from the ridge line, which is about after 1/4 of the ru, before it heads down the straight towards Tycoon.

Follow the lay of the land into the natural gully as you will find the trees a little more spaced out in this area, and if you do indeed follow the gully, this area holds the snow incredibly well after storms, and will provide a fantastic fall line all the way down to McConkey's chair, perhaps even joining up with Georgeanna.

Once again, if conditions are icy in spring, perhaps take another run, as you do not want to be in this area when icy, so perhaps either wait until later in the day, or try some bowls with a greater sun exposure.