THE Verbier classic taking a journey a long way from the ski area. Serious skiing in a serious environment.









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Perhaps THE Verbier classic freeride line - although more of a journey in to the wild mountains than a 'line'.

'Incontournable' as the locals would say.

The skiing and environment is serious and should not be under-estimated.

The journey is a magnificent, unforgettable experience through the wild alpine - couloirs, glaciers, rolling moraines and finally the long track around the Lac de Cleuson.

The access can be on hard snow and is exposed, whilst not difficult, a fall here could be fatal.

The skiing is excellent and steep at the start and the exit can feel long involving, poling, side stepping and generally flat terrain.

Don't miss the last Chassoure lift from Siviez if you need to return to Verbier.

From the bottom of the stairs at Mont Fort, cross the rope barrier and traverse left to the ridge.

There is usually a good track from other skiers but take care as the traverse can be icy and exposed.

Cross the ridge and here choose either the classic left hand line as shown or traverse left into the second couloir.

Both are steep couloirs which, if you’re lucky enough to catch in good condition, can provide amazing powder but be sure to reign in the excitement and stick to the one-at-a-time rule here.

For the main (right hand) line ski down the steepening gully until it splits in to two small couloirs.

Take the left hand line which is less steep and more open.

Once down on the glacier ski down and stay far left to access the slopes down to the Grand Desert lake.

From here follow the main line of the valley and descend to the Lac de Cleuson.

Follow the lake using the path around its right hand side.

The path is flat and will need a bit of energy and enthusiasm.

The path is exposed to avalanches from above, particularly in hot weather later in the day.

Once you reach the dam, ski underneath it and follow the forest path on the left as marked until you reach the pistes at Siviez.

Take 2 x 30m ropes in the group, crevasse rescue kit and know how just to be on the safe side.