Steep rolling convexed run through the Boomerang Trees









Buck's Shot will shoot you down a steep rolling pitch down from the Bear (60) to the Kodiak (63) faster than a blast from a shotgun! Take either the Great Bear Express Quad or Boomerang Triple Chair up to the top of the Lizard Bowl and ski down the Bear (60).

About two thirds of the way down the run look for an opening on the left side of the run after the start of the Bear Chutes (62), this is the top of Buck's Shot (77).

The run is made up of three distinct convex rollers descending down the gladed pitch.

The first initial pitch is the steepest and ends at a well defined ski track that will take you out of the run back onto the Bear (60) above the entrance to Kodiak (63).

The next two convexed rollers are not as steep but are longer and the trees open up allowing wider arched turns! The run ends by merging with the Kodiak (63) but before this you may also traverse over to the left into Boomerang (66) as well.

This run is often overlooked by many who instead opt to ski down the more popular Bear Chutes (62) and can often be a great spot to find powder on the way to the Boomerang Triple Chair.