A mellow, sunny ski tour in wild surroundings.


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



If sun, epic views and reliable snow all sound like your version of fun, you'll enjoy this tour.

In really cold temperatures, this tour is a really good option because you'll be bathed in sun for virtually the whole day but the snow quality can be great as well.

Even if things are a little milder this is still a worthwhile trip, and you might even find some spring snow on it if you get up early enough. From the Liens car park, just to the north of Navis valley, start skinning up towards the Peer Alm and then branch off left and follow signs up another track towards the Seapnalm.

(Be aware that reaching the carpark is conditions dependent - many tourers, not armed with chains and/or a 4 x 4, have been forced to start this tour from Navis village! Keep following the track as it climbs through ever-thinning trees.

When these end, leave the track behind and begin skinning north-west up a lovely, mellow bowl which leads to a broad col between the Pfoner Kreuzjöchl and Seeblesspitze.

Hang a left and skin easily onto the summit of the Pfoner Kreuzjöchl.

The panorama across the Navis valley and to the Karwendel mountains to the north is exceptional. Ski back down the same way, picking whichever exact line looks most fun.

The skiing is basically low-stress "meadow skipping" so you won't have much to worry about other than enjoying yourself! When you hit the trees you can either descend the track you initially came up, or (if conditions are really good) seek out some tree skiing in the vicinity of the track.

However you get there, descend back to Liens and then to Navis.