A quick way out of the Plunge Lift area









Bail Out is a quick way to exit the Plunge Lift (lift 9) area.

This run is to the right of the Oak Street Lift (lift 8), directly behind the base of the Plunge Lift.

Bail Out tends to be very icy at the top, as it is in the shade all day.

The run can also be uneven and a little bit bumpy in spots.

The top section of Bail Out is steeper than the bottom section, which flattens out and takes you on a nice path through the forest and puts you out on the lower part of Telluride Trail.

From here, you can ski to the base of the Oak Street Lift or the base of the Coonskin Lift (lift 7).

This run is recommended for advanced intermediate skiers, as it is slick and a little steep at the top.

At the end of the day the run can see some traffic, but is not usually too crowded.