A staple hike with a 150' cascading waterfall.


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Popular among mountain bikers and trail runners, Daniel Ridge is a moderate hike with a 150' cascading waterfall near the trailhead.

If you're limited on time, the falls is only a short walk and perfect for the entire family.

Look for the sign that denotes the way. Follow Davidson River Road past the fish hatchery and look for the trail on the right side of the road.

This loop can be done in either direction, but most prefer clockwise.

The first half of the loop is extremely popular among downhill mountain bikers.

If you have your four-legged friend with you, keep them leashed and stay aware of bikes that may may be heading downhill on the trail.

Ahead, the trail climbs gently, following the river upstream.

A couple of small cascades can be seen along the way on your left.

Several campsites can also be found in this area if you are looking to spend the night.

When you reach the high point, Farlow Gap Trail lies ahead and begins a punishing ascent up towards the Art Loeb Trail.

Stay right to continue on the red-blazed Daniel Ridge Loop. Though there is no defined vista, the return trip offers some seasonal views as it passes through several meadows.

Dense rhododendron line the area the wildflowers are spectacular in the summer. After merging back onto the gravel road, take a left to pay a visit to the waterfall before ending your run.

The 150' cascade is often overlooked due to the countless waterfalls that fill the region - but it's well worth the trip.