Connection run to Hochwurzen









The Jagaabfahrt is a black run, and the connection to the next resort.

If you can't ski black runs yet, don't worry - you can access the Planai West gondola to lift down instead of skiing.

Personally I wouldn't call it a very difficult black run, it's simply a mixture between red and black.

From the top station it starts off moderate, then you have to cross a street where cars are coming through sometimes (attention).

After the following flat part the tricky section starts.

The slope is quite steep and falling a bit to the side.

As this run is located at the sunny side, the snow cover is never that massive and it may easily occur that you are skiing down on just a layer of ice.

So the conclusion of that slope: Good skiers don't worry, intermediates better stay safe, lean back and cruise down with the gondola.