Ledgy, steep, winding chute









FATMAP difficulty grade



Angel's Dust is a great option for those who are looking to get technical and don't mind a little exposure.

It gets sluffed out by ski patrol frequently and the sun can get to the skier's right side of this line.

It's hard to get Angel's Dust in awesome conditions.

Hike North from the Bridger boot pack just a little bit past the bomb box, almost to Hidden.

You'll be on the top of the ridge, in a pretty flat area with some blocky rocks beneath you, and you'll be staring East right down onto the lower part of Bridger Gully.

Make your way through these blocky rocks onto a large pad.

You then have to turn your skis to the north and find the narrow ramp over meat grinder cliffs.

Make it down the ramp and into the open mini bowl with a right turn.

Here you could head hard right into Catch and Release, and a pretty mellow way out.

Heading fall line, Angel's Dust narrows to just wider than ski length for about 30ft.

There are rocks in this little chute that you'll want to watch out for.

At the bottom of the chute, there is a large rock where you could take at least 15ft of air into Upper Bridger Gully.

You can usually head right at the big air and find a little sneak to get to the Skier's Traverse.