A popular hike with wildflowers and mountain views, plus a less-crowded extension to a remote alpine lake.


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Healy Pass is well-known for summer wildflowers, which are most brilliant in mid-July through August.

The hike begins at Sunshine Village Ski Resort parking area, which you can reach by driving or by riding the shuttle from Banff.

The trail begins as a gentle incline through thick forest and along a creek.

After hiking for some time, the trail crosses a few small meadows with views to nearby peaks.

Eventually, the trees thin significantly, and broad meadows take over, filled with the famous flowers.

At this elevation near the timberline, you’ll also see larch trees, which turn gold in the fall. From the top of Healy Pass, the views are truly magnificent––with a 360-degree panorama of huge summits all around and blue lakes below.

To the west, you'll see a pair of lakes at the base of a particularly impressive peak.

The lower of the two is Egypt Lake.

You can hike there by continuing along the trail, over the pass, and down the other side.

This side of the pass is true backcountry, and far fewer people share the trail.

Once at the lake, you can enjoy a cool dip and relative solitude on its tranquil shore.

Note that there is a backcountry campground at Egypt Lake, if you want to secure a permit and turn this into an overnight trip.

Other trails diverge from the lake as well, allowing even longer and more varied hikes. Sources: https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/ab/banff/activ/randonee-hiking/banff#Healy https://travelwiththesmile.com/blog/healy-pass-hike-egypt-lake-banff-national-park/