Winds down the mountain with great views and challenging twists and turns for intermediates.









Sarezza is a great run for intermediates to advanced.

Its fairly steep and has some fun twists and turns.

Its runs directly underneath the Alpe Ostafa Sarezza chair lift which makes navigating very simple indeed! You simply follow the chairlift and let the natural curvature of the run take you down the mountain to then give you the option to join onto either C3 Ostafa 2 or C4 Ostafa 1.

This means that the run is consistant with the other two pistes mentioned, its a little steeper and a good chance for you to build up on some speed.

In the pattern that we notice about Champoluc is has two points to note, it can be busy and although you can choose to join other pistes after, the volume of customers disembark the chairlift and join this slope, especially if they either want to head down into town or keep to the North West facing area of Champoluc.

The second point of note is it has sun until around 2, then it can get a little icy and the sun leaves the area and the shade takes over.

However its generally well looked after and an overall fun run.