Mellow ride through the forest to a scenic lake, with the option for a tough ride or easy hike extension to another lake.









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The trail to Summit Lakes follows an old fire road, and is not very steep, making an easy and pleasant bike ride through the forest.

It’s best in mid to late summer when the track has had a chance to dry out, though some sections will always be muddy.

Along the way you’ll pass Beaver Lake, which grants some views to the mountains above.

Upon emerging at First Summit Lake, you’ll have a very nice view over the grassy lakeshore, the water, and an arc of peaks beyond. The trail along Summit Lakes and on to Jacques Lake remains open to bikes, but turns much more difficult because it leaves the road grade and turns into singletrack that’s not maintained for riding.

Advanced riders may want to continue to Jacques Lake, but most choose to turn around at First Summit Lake.

Alternatively, you can make this a multi-sport outing by locking your bike and hiking the roughly 16km return trip to Jacques Lake. Sources: