Narrow at the top, Partly in the shade but a fun fast run









This run can be a little surprising.

Everyone likes surprises but perhaps not when it comes to terrain.

It is always wise to be aware that around 20m after disembarking the chair lift which you do to the skiers left, the run curves naturally around a large rock which leaves a section of around 30m constantly in the shade.

This means it is normally rather icey and unpredictable.

Be cautious and go slow until the run opens out into a blissful and beautiful wide run which certainly makes up for the poor snow above.

After the narrow shaded section you have plenty of space to put your turns in, gather some speed and make like a pro ski racer.

The run is in the sun until the end of the day which is wonderful as one of your last cruisey runs of the day.

It tends to be a little busy during weekends as this lift is a connection between Champoluc and Frachey.

There are no major twists or turns so no need to be to aware other than dodging the city slicker tourists on the weekends.