Perfect slope in the morning for warm up and enjoy the sun.









Arriving on the Col Bettaforca with fast chairlift, equipped with protective dome in bad weather, we are faced with an incredible panorama.

The Col Bettaforca gives the visual simultaneous two valleys.

At this point, you have the choice of two distinct slopes down towards the Gressoney side.

One on the right going up, often used by racing teams for training, and a left going that reaches even the connection to the side of the valley of Champoluc.

The slope B1 called Pistone Betta is the ideal slope for intermediate skiers who ski in blue have gained confidence and skills.

The slope in a first section presents narrow and along the boundary line of the two valleys, for beginners sometimes apparently seems difficult, its steep edges create insecurity.

At the end of this short section there is located opposite the intersection that gives the possibility to descend toward the slope that leads to Champoluc.

Continuing, the track turns into a very wide track with gentle slopes, where the steeper sections, some side streets make it easier descent.

One of these roads lead to Sitten Restaurant where there is the entrance to the black run (B3) with Stafal direction, and where the view is quite impressive: the Monte Rosa here is seen in all its magnitude.

The snow is perfect during all the season in the first half of the day, but in the afternoon the colder months you can find sections rather icy, and other hand, in the spring, sections of snow particularly soft.

This track may be the ideal choice for the morning activity of children staying in Gressoney.

The slope ends in loc.

Sant'Anna where the skier can choose to go up or down in Stafal with red track Direct Stafal (B6), or simply by cable car.

Sant'Anna is the ideal place to stop for a souvenir photo with the Monte Rosa behind.